List Management

How to change a list's name

By default, the name Campaignzee displays for a list is taken directly from Mailchimp. If you would like to change the name of the list, you must first change the name in Mailchimp, and then sync the changes to Campaignzee.

How to change the fields on a list's signup form

To create the hosted and embedded signup forms, Campaignzee uses the fields that are present in the Mailchimp list's Audience Fields and Merge Tags settings, and the list's Groups. To add or remove audience fields, follow the instructions listed in the Add and delete fields in

How to set up subscribe and unsubscribe notifications

­čĺíNotifications can only be enabled for active lists. It's incredibly easy to receive notifications from Campaignzee when someone subscribes or unsubscribes from a list. First, log into Campaignzee and navigate to the list you want to enable notifications for. Next, click the Settings button, then click Notification Settings.

How to get a list's hosted signup page link

To get the hosted signup page link for a list, follow these steps: 1. Log into Campaignzee 2. Click the name of the list you want the link for 3. Click the Links button 4. Copy the Hosted Page link You can now share this link with your readers. ­čĺíThese

How to track signup page views with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular way to track and analyze traffic on your website. It's easy to use Google Analytics with Campaignzee to track page views on your hosted signup pages.

How to change a list's Description

The description for the list is a short block of text that is displayed on the list's signup page. The description should give potential subscribers an idea of what kind of content you will be sending, as well as the frequency of emails they can expect.

How to offer subscription trials

Trials are a way for you to give subscribers a chance to evaluate your content before having to pay. When a reader subscribers to a list that offers a trial, they will be subscribed like usual, but their card will not be charged until the end of the trial period.

How to refund charges

Campaignzee does not automatically refund a subscriber when they cancel their subscription. If you'd like to offer a refund to a subscriber, you can do so directly through your Stripe dashboard:

How to stop selling subscriptions

If you ever need to stop accepting new subscriptions for a list, whether temporarily or permanently, you can do so by deactivating the list.

How to offer subscription discounts

Campaignzee supports the ability to offer discounts on subscriptions to new subscribers through Stripe Coupons. Coupons are applied via the URL (there is no interface for subscribers to add a coupon on the hosted form page).

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