Before you can begin selling subscriptions, you'll need to connect your Mailchimp and Stripe accounts

There are a few simple steps to get started selling subscriptions to a list. Here's a quick summary:

  1. Activate list
  2. Create plans
  3. Get hosted signup form link

Activate List

The first step in selling subscriptions is to setup the basic info for the list.

  1. Go to the Lists page
  2. Click the name of the list you want to start selling subscriptions for
  3. Click Activate List
  4. Enter an Author Name, Support Email Address, Description, and Signup Message
  5. Click Activate List

Create Plans

Once the list has been set up, you'll need to create plans. Your list can have as many plans as you want, and each plan can have its own price and subscription frequency.

  1. On the list's page, click Create Plan
  2. Enter a plan Name, Amount, Currency, Interval, and Trial Period Days
  3. Click Create Plan

Repeat for each plan you want to offer.

A common use for plans is to offer a monthly plan and a discounted yearly plan (e.g. $10/month and $100/year).

Now that the plans have been created the only thing left to do is get the hosted signup form link. This is the link you'll give to your readers where they enter their subscription information and start the subscription process.

  1. On the list's page, click Links
  2. Copy the Hosted Page URL
  3. Share the URL with your readers

You're Ready to Sell

That's it! You're ready to sell newsletter subscriptions.

The Description and Signup Message fields support a limited set of HTML tags and CSS styling.