Campaignzee is a service that integrates Mailchimp and Stripe so you can sell newsletter subscriptions without having to worry about managing subscriptions or payments.

Mailchimp handles the email campaigns, Stripe handles the payments, and Campaignzee manages the subscription process.

Once Mailchimp and Stripe are connected, you can create a signup form for your list that replaces the built-in Mailchimp signup form. This form is how your subscribers will initially be charged and added to your list.

Once your subscriber completes the subscription process they are now ready to receive your newsletter!

Campaignzee will make sure they pay on schedule, and will automatically contact them to let them know if there are any issues with their payment.

If their payment continues to fail, Campaignzee will automatically remove them from the Mailchimp list and let them know.

With Campaignzee, you never have to worry about managing payments or subscriptions again.