How Campaignzee Works

Campaignzee  is the easiest way to sell subscriptions to your MailChimp newsletters. This article will walk you through some of the concepts necessary to get the most out of Campaignzee.


Lists are at the very heart of Campaignzee. When using Campaignzee, you will primarily be interacting with your MailChimp lists, which is why the first thing you see when you log in is your Lists page. Here you'll see all of the lists currently in your MailChimp account.

Lists are either Active, or Inactive. An active list is one that readers can subscribe to. An Inactive list is not available for readers to subscribe to. When you activate a list, you will enter a few settings:

  • Description - a short message to potential subscribers. This will be displayed on the hosted subscription page for readers to see.
  • Signup Message - a short message that is shown to the reader after they successfully enter their information and start the subscription process. This could be a 'thank you' or even further instructions you'd like to give.


In Campaignzee, a plan is how you specify the details of the subscription for the reader. Plans have a name, the amount you will charge, the currency you'll charge in, how frequently you'll charge, and the number of trial period days.

A list can have as many plans as you would like, but it must have at least one plan.

Subscription Process

When a reader subscribes to your list they will go through a process to confirm their subscription:

  1. Reader enters their information, including email and credit card and clicks Subscribe.
  2. Campaignzee sends a confirmation email to their email address.
  3. Reader clicks the confirmation link.
  4. Campaignzee subscribes the reader to your MailChimp list.
  5. Subscriber can now receive content.

Get Started

Ready to start selling subscriptions to your MailChimp newsletters? First, create your Campaignzee account, then activate your first list.

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