The description for the list is a short block of text that is displayed on the list's signup page. The description should give potential subscribers an idea of what kind of content you will be sending, as well as the frequency of emails they can expect.

When you first activated a list, you had the option to enter that text. But you can change it at anytime in a few simple steps.

Note: These directions apply to lists that have already been activated. If your list is not activated, please see our article on How to Start Selling Subscriptions.

First, navigate to the list from the Lists's page.

Then, click the Settings button, then click List Settings.

In the modal window that appears, enter your new description in the Description field.

Note: Due to security concerns, HTML entered in the description field will not be rendered on the signup page.

Finally, when you're done entering text, click the Save Settings button. This will update your list's description and immediately be reflected on the list's signup page.

Note: The Description and Signup Message fields support a limited set of HTML tags and CSS styling. You can read about the supported tags and styles here:

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